The Rules and Stuff

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      Warning: Subject to Change though probably not radically

      Rule 1: The Pact of the Senator

      As with ventrillo it is with the forums, i wish not to ban you and you do not wish to be banned.
      this is a mutual agreement we both understand; presenting yourself in some kind of character will not be questioned, yours is not the life for us to care about - if you think something is stupid and will get you banned it probably might, it most likely might not - I have total and utter faith that you will behave.
      So you better behave..

      Rule 2: The Law of Spam

      No formal spam policy but don't spam the forum like a retard.

      Rule 3: The Treaty of Haxtropolis

      Beef is fine, but squash it or leave it "professionally" or face my wrath.
      Nobody has time for what someone said to you over the internet

      Rule 4: "Trolling = Posting to Incite Disruption"

      Being a try hard won't get you noticed nor will it impress us, so you might as well not bother
      We've seen it all a million times, and all of us have done it for decades - anything vaguely resembling /b/ reposting will be annihilated

      So yeah, don't be retarded, not your personal porn website, not for sharing gore images either, and no other stupid illegal shit.

      Simple stuff really.